Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

Advise the Secretary of the Army and the Army leadership on small business related matters.

Spearhead innovative initiatives that contribute to expanding the small business industrial base relevant to the Army mission priorities.

Leverage the use of minority serving educational institutions in support of Army Science and Technology Programs.

Our Vision

To be the premier advocacy organization committed to maximizing small business utilization in support of rapidly fielding a trained, ready, responsive and capable force that can prevent conflict, shape the environment and win the Nation’s wars.

Statement by President Obama

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our communities. They create two of every three new jobs in America, spur economic growth, and spark new industries across the country. We will continue to create new incentives to help small business owners hire new workers, promote growth and do what America does best – invest in the creativity and imagination of our people.”